Those of us responsible for the Fairtrade stall in the Indoor Market – and for trying to spread the concept of Fairtrade within Shrewsbury – would just like to say an enormous “Thank You” for your wonderful support _

  • In buying Fairtrade products, both from the market stall, and from our stalls here  at Church

  • In providing so many volunteers who look after the stall – (we can always use more!)

  • And in suppoeting events, like the “Big Brew Breakfast” in Fairtrade Fortnight.

At the breakfast over £130 was collected to send to Traidcraft Exchange to help those craft workers no longer able to supply Traidcraft with their products.  As well as being given immediate aid, it is hoped that they will also be put in touch with other businesses in this country to provide them with alternative outlets.

Thank you all!

Contacts:  Ken and Meriel Chippindale  a.chippindale591@btinternet.com