Challenging news  

You will have probably heard by now that Traidcraft is in consultation with a view to stopping trading at the end of the year.

Apparently, they have failed to make a profit for the last 8 years, but have now been tipped over the edge, largely because:

  1. BREXIT: the devaluation of the £ against the $ put the real cost of buying goods up by a third – and in the very nature of the business they couldn’t recoup this by ‘squeezing’ their producers/suppliers.

  2. Look at the general retail picture, with everyone, from John Lewis to Poundland floundering, and so many retail outlets closing: it is really  not easy out there.

  3. And internally, they lost a lot of money when their new website proved a disaster.

Three of us attended the Traidcraft Roadshow in Birmingham on Friday evening September 28th.  The up to date news is that they have only the next 3 weeks to find an alternative business model.  They have not got one yet, but they are desperately hoping that someone will find a way for them to continue, arbeit in a somewhat reduced fashion.

I will try to keep you up to date via this website and emails, but also there will be a


10.30am on Saturday 13th October

At Shrewsbury URC in the Church Hall

The primary purpose of this long-planned occasion will be to let you know the results of our 2nd year of trading in Shrewsbury Market Hall, but we will also pass on any further news about Traidcraft.

MEANWHILE: let’s buy as much as we can whilst Traidcraft is still up and running!  Can you take catalogues and show them to your friends and families to order Christmas presents?                                                                                                                               Do you want to order Christmas cards or Advent calendars?                                                     The stall remains open during market hours, and we are also happy to let you have goods on a sale/return basis to enable you to hold a church, school, or community stall.  Please give us as much notice as possible because things inevitably become hectic in the run up to Christmas.

And also please note that unless there is a Plan B, there will be a danger of Traidcraft running out of goods, and not being able to restock.

In case the worst happens, we will be researching alternative sources for Traidcraft goods: if you know of any suppliers please contact us on                            a.chippindale591@btinternet.com

If it is at all possible we want to carry on with the market stall, and sell as wide a selection of Fairtrade  goods as we can muster – please help in any way you can!


“Great news!  Shrewsbury’s status as a Fairtrade Town has been renewed until 2019”

The Market Hall stall is running smoothly, largely thanks to volunteers from this church.  And we had a very successful weekend at the Food Festival in June – again, with support from some familiar faces!




Contacts:  Ken and Meriel Chippindale  a.chippindale591@btinternet.com