Fairtrade Fortnight 2018

The theme for Fairtrade Fortnight this year (26th February to 11th march) is


Churches, schools, and individuals are planning how to mark the fortnight, and there are two special events (which unfortunately clash):

On Saturday 10th March

            the Mere Singers have kindly agreed to sing in the Market Hall again,         between 11.30 and 12.30, to draw attention to the Fairtrade Stall.

And also on 10th March

there will be a “Big Brew Breakfast”

 at St Nicholas Hall, Shrewsbury URC (the church by the English Bridge)

Breakfast will be served from 9.30am

and then at 10.45am we will have two speakers:

        Sylvia Ruxton will talk about meeting Fairtrade Produceers in Palestine,                            and Barbara Gwinnett  (West Midlands rep on the Fairtrade Foundation         Campaigns Committee) will update us on “Where is Fairtrade going?”

There will be stalls available.

You might like to know that whilst the breakfast is free, any donations that are given will be DOUBLED by the Government!!

We do hope you will support this event

“Great news!  Shrewsbury’s status as a Fairtrade Town has been renewed until 2019”

The Market Hall stall is running smoothly, largely thanks to volunteers from this church.  And we had a very successful weekend at the Food Festival in June – again, with support from some familiar faces!


                              Fairtrade Fortnight 2017

The first major event in Fairtrade Fortnight, was to highlight our presence in the Indoor Market Hall.  On Saturday 4th march, the Mere Singers generously gave their time to sing ‘world music’ from the gallery of the Indoor Market Hall.  Their beautiful singing (combined with flyers offering free ‘tasters’ on the stall!) helped many new people to find us.  we were also incredibly fortunate that the local press featured the stall two weeks running, with photographs and a good write up.

Then on 11th March, we held a Fairtrade Fortnight Breakfast in our church hall.  A splendid breakfast was shared, with much of the Fairtrade food being supplied by the Bicton Heath Co-op, to whom, as ever, we owe enormous thanks.  And although we did not charge for the breakfast, we were still able to send a donation of £131.27 to Traidcraft Exchange.  Our speaker was Gillian Castle, a Shrewsbury resident, who has set up a small charity, “Omushana” to help a small village in Uganda.  She gave a most inspiring talk.  You can find out more about Omushana on their website: www.omushana.org

The Fairtrade stall made a special display of goods from Omushana for several weeks.

                               Fairtrade Fortnight 2016

There were two significant events to mark “Fairtrade Fortnight” this year. First, to highlighht the theme of “the big Fairtrade breakfast”, with it’s slogan “sit down for breakfast, stand up for farmers,Ken Chippiondale, Miles Kenny (Mayor of Shrewsbury) and Russ Millhouse (from the new University Centre, Shrewsbury) went to the top of the Lord Hill Column with their Fairtrade breakfast!




At the end of the fortnight, we were privileged to host a big Fairtrade breakfast, at which the guest speaker was Sheena Biju, a Fairtrade farmer from Kerala, South India.  She made a moving presentation, highlighting the difference that Fairtrade has made to her community – moving the farmers from often suicidal despair, to a mood of positive optimism.



Fairtrade not only ensures a living wage for their work, but the ‘Fairtrade premium’ also funds many helpful changes in the community.  They have been given practical advice about how to go organic, and so enhance the value of their crops.  travelling doctors and health insurance for all the families, are bringing improvements to their health – and grants ensure that children (no longer having to work on the land) can get scholarships for further study.  The climate is changing, with far hotter weather becoming usual – and this has inspired schemes such as re-forestation, to counter the pollution caused by a growing number of  ‘old banger’ type vehicles, and increasing industrialisation.

We learned so much, and were reminded once again, of the vital importance of supporting Fairtrade, to enable Sheena and other farmers and producers in the developing world, to work their way out of poverty.  Please support our Fairtrade stall!


Contacts:  Ken and Meriel Chippindale  a.chippindale591@btinternet.com