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Do you enjoy drawing, painting, sculpting? Did you do it years ago but gave up as you didn’t have the time, or the space? Would you like to spend a couple of mornings a month doing your artistic thing?  If any of the above rings a bell, or if you have always wanted to have a go but didn’t know where to start, then the Art Group is for you.  A friendly group of daubers, with no pretentions to be a new Van Gogh or even produce anything you would show your nearest and dearest, would welcome you with joy.

Talent and expertize are optional extras to the main aim, which is to have fun.  Meetings are on Thursday mornings from 9.45 to 11.45 on dates in the “What’s on” page.

And now our meetings are even more interesting.  Our minister, Tim, was on sabbatical for three months looking at Spirituality in Art. As a result we have created some wonderful items, some of which are shown here.

SURC art group The Art Group

art cross  A cross made of nails rescued during refurbishment of the church. Designed by Tim and made by Peter.   Peter also made a stained glass panel.

art glass   artist with work

    Another medium being explored.

On Sunday 30th August 2015 the Art Group mounted an exhibition of the works created as part of the Spirituality in Art project.

DSCF8226  DSCF8238


 The website of The United Reformed Church has more information about Spirituality in Art nation wide.


Contact:  Ian Paterson